Time to Decompress with These Binge-worthy Line-Ups

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Tired of endlessly searching titles, wondering what to watch next? Look no further!


We've curated a selection of perfect pairings (and singles!): television line-ups that make for a great night of viewing for every day and every mood. We have you covered with some of the best programs available — from broadcast to premium, American to International. Every show listed is easy to find via your DVR, OnDemand or Cox Contour — which now seamlessly includes Netflix titles, ready to stream. Never again ask, “what's on next?"

Line-up 1: #Adulting?

Life looks a lot different than expected for the characters in these sharp, incisive and sometimes meditative comedies. While thematically different, each show riffs on the myriad ways adult life plays out. Expect exceptional performances, sly laughs and a new way to look at #Adulting. Shrink (NBC On Demand via the NBC app), High Maintenance (HBO On Demand), Friends from College (Netflix)

Line-up 2: Ladies Night

The coolest women you know have probably recommended one, or all, of these programs to you. When watched together, you have an abundance of TV talent: incredible scripts, top-notch actors, enviable sets, plus costumes that literally have their own touring show! You can't go wrong with this ladies night. Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix), Grace and Frankie (Netflix), Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries (Netflix)

Line-up 3: Phenomenal Food

After watching this combo, you'll be busy planning your next vacation, or at least heading to the kitchen to try your hand at re-creating one of the mouth-watering meals. This group of passionate eaters is bound to bring inspiration, either way. Somebody Feed Phil (Netflix), Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown (Netflix), Chef's Table (Netflix)

Line-up 4: Go Your Own Way

Wrestling and romance might not seem a likely combination, but these two Netflix hits go well together as you watch the journeys of two women seeking their own lives, on their own terms. Glow (Netflix), She's Gotta Have It (Netflix)

Line-up 5: Misspent Youth

A new generation of creator/actors are using their comedy talents to showcase stories about the rough patches unique to early adulthood. These millennial tales of the city are darker, slightly edgier shows, and owe a debt to their ground-breaking genre predecessors. Alone Together (Freeform On Demand), Can't Cope, Won't Cope (Netflix), Crashing (Netflix)

Line-up 6: Dark & Stormy

Not for the faint of heart, these two hard-hitting historicals don't shy away from the realities of America in the late-19th Century. You'll keep coming back to savor the strong ensemble casts and vivid visual portraits of both New Mexican landscapes and Manhattan lifestyles, which sell the stories of individuals and communities on the fringes of society. Godless (Netflix), The Alienist (TBS On Demand)

Line-up 7: We Are Family

Sometimes, the best night-in is with your extended TV family. Kid-friendly, these families (yes, if even a magical royal couple...) will entertain every age. One Day at a Time (Netflix), The Goldbergs (ABC On Demand), Once Upon a Time (Netflix)

Line-up 8: Noir Detection

Get cozy and enjoy a gorgeously shot, character-driven mystery which elevates the typical police procedural. Utterly binge-able, you might find it challenging not to watch “just one more episode" of this well-crafted crime show that keep you guessing to the end. Shetland (Netflix)

Line-up 9: What's Your Emergency?

Two of the most popular new shows this winter are genre re-mixes, offering a fresh take on the world of first responders. Together, these shows take viewers through a satisfying full-circle journey: 9-1-1 backs up the typical medical-drama timeline and we experience the anxious moments as help is summoned and the cavalry arrives, yet leaving us hanging at the ER doors. Inside the hospital, drama comes from The Good Doctor — an atypical take on the brilliant autistic physician batting his own challenges while saving patients. 9-1-1 (FOX On Demand), The Good Doctor (ABC On Demand)

Line-up 10: Crown and Country

Duty and loyalty are tested in radically different ways, both of which make for the perfect night of television. Start with brave Canadians at the first North American spy-training facility during WWII and end the night within the highest echelons of British royalty, embroiled in the war's aftermath and the needs of a rapidly changing world. The historical dramas, based on real-life events, are so captivating you'll be running to search online for more history after each episode. X Company (Ovation On Demand*), The Crown (Netflix)

Line-up 11: Sci-Fi Spies

Varied in time, tone and tempo, these science fiction entries are solid companion viewing, for just that reason. Caught in lives that are not quite their own, both heroes chase answers to hidden aspects of their narrative; the unexpected reveals throughout each action-packed episode keeps us watching. Counterpart (Starz On Demand), Altered Carbon (Netflix)

Line-up 12: What a Wonderful World

You'll never think of our globe the same after watching this exceptionally crafted feats of cinematographic splendor. Blue Planet goes deeper into the ocean than ever before, granting a spectacular hour with “life beneath the waves." Blue Planet 2 (BBC America On Demand) *only available in select Cox Markets

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