Upgrade your Game of Thrones Viewing Party with a Well Connected Home

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After more than a year of patient waiting, Game of Thrones fans came out in force for the return of the hit HBO show on July 15. According to Variety, the Season 7 premiere netted an amazing 16.1 million total viewers, shattering the network’s previous record and improving on last year’s ratings by 50 percent.

While those numbers are proof enough that Game of Thrones has become a massive part of popular culture, many fans have taken their love of the show to another level by throwing special viewing parties. Featuring specialty drinks, food, and games inspired by the series, these gatherings are the perfect way to bring your friends together each week for a bit of fantasy fun.

A quick online search will reveal hundreds of unique ideas to bring the drama of Westeros to your living room, but here are some suggestions for how you can upgrade your weekly Game of Thrones viewing party with a fast and reliable Internet connection.

  1. Find Your Favorite Scenes by Magic (Almost)
Game of Thrones captivates viewers by blending gritty drama with magical fantasy. Who wouldn't want to live in a world with real magic, right? On second thought, forget that. Dragons, white walkers and other mythical beasts are probably better left to the TV screen. Still, you can experience a little bit of magic when you use Cox Contour. With its unique Smart Search feature, you can simply speak into your voice remote control to choose your program. Before the new episode starts, test your friend's Game of Thrones knowledge with a little trivia by saying "Winter is coming" into the voice activated remote, and watch the entire cast bios, all episodes and extras come up on the screen.
  1. Cook Westeros Style
Fans of the Game of Thrones book series will know that George R. R. Martin spends almost as much time describing food as he does the characters. In fact, food is such a big part of the Game of Thrones world that there's even an officially licensed cookbook for sale. With Cox's Panoramic WiFi, you can make food an important part of your Game of Thrones watch party too. With your home blanketed with WiFi coverage, Cox Panoramic WiFi will help you whip up an amazing meal using the latest and greatest WiFi enabled cooking tools. So while you prep for the show with a little Game of Thrones trivia, you can also let your WiFi slow cooker simmer up a Stark-inspired beef stew, or set the timer for your WiFi coffee maker for post show coffee and dessert. You could really commit and eat a horse heart like Daenerys Targaryen does in Season One, but we recommend finding a recipe that's a little less extreme.
  1. Keep Out Your Enemies
Once you get a reputation for throwing the best Game of Thrones viewing parties, it's inevitable that people will want to come over to watch the show with you. While this is a good thing, you don't have to hold the door for everyone. To keep your enemies at bay, try Cox Homelife's innovative security features. With the ability to stream live video right to your phone from high-def motion-activated cameras, you'll be able to keep an eye on who's at the door. If you see them coming, you can even turn off all your lights with the touch of a button. Sometimes, you have to protect your own throne, right?
  1. Winter is Coming...Don't Miss It
However you choose to celebrate Game of Thrones, we want to make sure your experience is epic. With Cox's Contour mobile app, you won't miss a beat if you need to stop watching the TV and have to switch to your mobile device. No matter which character you're rooting for to claim the Iron Throne, with Cox's fast and reliable network and solutions powering your viewing party, you can rest assured that your own family and friends stay on the edge of their seats.

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